Dungan takes reins at OCC Outdoor

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 21:12

Alibi Publishing, owner of OCC Outdoor, has appointed a new editor for the magazine. Ronnie Dungan took over from editor and founder Simon Baseley at the beginning of December.

Dungan has more than 25 years’ experience of trade magazine publishing, having worked on a range of specialist business titles in video games, toys, licensing and music. 

According to Wes Stanton, publisher of OCC Outdoor, his knowledge of new communication tools is going be useful. He said: “I think few would disagree that in print publishing terms, OCC Outdoor is a top notch publication, but where it may not be quite up to speed is in its on- line presentation and I know that Ronnie, whilst keen to preserve all that is good about the magazine, will be aiming to match that excellence online” 

Commenting, Dungan said: “Stepping into the shoes of someone who has done the job for 22 years, is going to be a challenge. Fortunately, Simon will be around both as a contributor to the magazine and as a guiding hand for some time to come, and I certainly intend to tap into his wealth of industry knowledge.

"OCC Outdoor has many strengths, thanks to Simon's excellent stewardship, and I hope to continue that tradition while strengthening our offering across online and digital media platforms."

Outdoor Industry Association director, Andrew Denton, added: “I am pleased to welcome Ronnie Dungan to the industry and relieved to hear that Simon will be here for a while to come. There are many views of OCC Outdoor, yet I don’t think anyone disagrees it is great journalism, is written well and that our industry would be the poorer for it, were that to change. I look forward to reading OCC in the future every bit as much as I have over the last many, many years.”

By Ronnie Dungan