The Outdoor Directory

Friday, 18 May 2012 16:00

TOD is the original outdoor industry search engine. Packed with information on more than 1400 businesses it is used by all those whose day-to-day activities mean that they need a reliable source of reference to the UK’s outdoor business. Published every year in June, the data in TOD is drawn from the OCC Outdoor database, which is scrupulously updated every month. As a result users can be certain that they are accessing both accurate and current data about brands, companies, addresses and much more. Published in both print and online versions, TOD delivers up to its advertisers a prime opportunity for advertising. Because it is used time and time again, the impact of a single advertisement is greatly enhanced and this taken together the web version combines to offer a valid and low cost way of putting a message in front of the right audience, in the right environment, for a full year. 

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