Climb closing print edition

Monday, 14 August 2017 11:00
Climb goes digital

The change comes after 33 years of print production by publisher Greenshires, including titles such as Crags, High, On the Edge as well as Climb. The new-format Climb will be available through the app on iTunes or Google play app stores. The publisher will also be making 50 issues of the back catalogue of Climb available for free too.

Editor, Ian Parnell, commented: “Of course there is slight feeling of sadness with this August issue of Climb (Issue 140) being the last one as a paper magazine, but there is a greater feeling of excitement about the new digital Climb. It’s going to be a free magazine something that has been talked about by a lot of people, but including the same high quality writing and photography from some of the leading voices in climbing.

“The digital format also means we haven’t got the constraints you get with a fixed page paper magazine so we are going to be running a few longer features. I feel there is are quite a few gaps in what is offered on the ‘climbing web’ and one of those is well written expansive ‘long reads’. Climbing is covered on the internet with such a blur of news flashes and click bait headlines that it is hard to take in everything day by day. The new Digital Climb will be a place to take a breath and be able to look deeper into some of climbing’s great stories, and take stock and consider different aspects the climbing life.

“A good example I think is Steve McClure’s ascent of Rainman, his seven year project at Malham. It’s the pinnacle of a lifetime of amazing achievements by a climber that has stood head and shoulders above everyone else in British sport climbing for nearly two decades, yet already news about this ascent on most climbing web platforms is buried beneath a torrent of ‘information’. Whereas in Climb we’ve got the space and time to pay proper attention to his achievement, put it in context, and go deep into Steve’s motivations – to show it as a very human story rather than just yet another big number. In fact I’m really glad we were able to get Steve’s story for our last issue as it’s such a great piece of writing – a rare thing – deep, insightful writing about sports climbing.

“The other important thing about how we want to set up the new Digital Climb is that we will continue paying contributors properly. It’s something that I think a lot climbing digital platforms have done very poorly and I think it has had serious knock on effects for the industry. It’s one of the most important things for us to treat the people we work with respectfully and compensate them fully.”


By Ronnie Dungan

Latest issue - OCC August 2017

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